The ecological camper park

Eco Parcs are the first completely organic ecological and environmentally-friendly campsite to be established. Every holidaymaker protects and promotes the environment through their stay at Eco parcs. Each pitch works fully biologically and is completely self-sufficient and independent of any polluting utility companies.

  • Chemical-free, no chemical toilet in the individual bathrooms on every plot

  • Individual environment-friendly energy supply with individual solar systems on each plot

  • Environment friendly water and feces disposal using fully biological sewage saystems

  • Individual permaculture garden on each plot

  • Plots cannot be viewed from the outside in order to preserve privacy

  • Organic supermarket, restaurant and café

  • Large swimming area with terrace and deck-chairs

  • A one-of-a-kind playground for young and old

  • Various activities and courses

  • Electric vehicle rental

Description of the Pitch:

Each plot is c. 225 m², around 15 × 15 meters, and, for privacy purposes, is surrounded by natural fences of various plants and trees. Hence, each plot is not visible from the outside, thus with privacy safeguarded.

The parking space for cars/caravan/mobile home on the individual plot is designed for vehicles of up to 12 meters in length and 3 meters in length.

Each pitch has its own wash-room with a sink, shower and toilet. All wash-rooms are made of natural building materials such as stone, straw, clay, wood, etc. Waste water and faeces are disposed of via a fully biological sewage treatment plant so that the water can be re-used for irrigation of the garden. Solids can be composted naturally and re-used for the garden. Connected to the wash-room is a covered outdoor kitchen with barbecue, refrigerator, gas stove, together with a seating area.

Each pitch has its own self-catering permaculture garden with automatic irrigation (harvesting depending on the season).

As well as this, given that the water supply for each plot is not unlimited, our holiday guests will learn how to manage their water supply. Showers are used with timers that limit usage per person and per day. Water for personal hygiene and washing is limited to 100 liters per day.

Each pitch has its own solar system, which is combined with quiet vertical wind turbines. A separate inverter with a continuous power of 2000 watts delivers normal 220 V alternating current.

Hot water is generated by solar collectors, which are located on the roof of the bathroom and outdoor kitchen, similar to the solar modules.

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