Ecological self-sufficient holiday homes

Our ecological holiday homes are future-oriented and built in a contemporary style according to ecological requirements/standard. The size of the holiday homes is also adapted to the world's current living situation, living in a small space without restrictions and without sacrificing advanced living comfort. Here our holiday guests can experience an ecological, sustainable and future-oriented life in harmony with nature during their holiday live. Holidays in our self-sufficient, ecological holiday homes is a combination of holidays and sustainable, future-oriented life.

Our cottages are available in 3 different sizes: 20 m² houses for one person,35 m² for couples, and 55 m² for families. These surface areas refer to the indoor living space.

All cottages are built from sustainable materials such that they provide a natural and healthy living environment. Our holiday homes are air-conditioned by virtue of their design. This means that no air conditioning is required in summer, and in winter only minimal heating required, which consumes only 5 to 10% heating. The natural shade of the cottages by trees and their correct orientation give shade and cool in summer and light and warm in winter. Our holiday homes are designed ecologically and sustainably from the location to the building materials.

All our holiday homes are supplied with their own environmentally- friendly and sustainable energy systems. This energy is generated by the solar modules and small vertical wind power plants on the houses. Vertical wind power plants, unlike the well-known horizontal wind power plants, are very quiet and do not harm animals such as birds, insects, etc. 

Although they provide slightly less electricity than the large horizontal wind power plants, they are sustainable and ecologically justifiable. 

The water supply of the holiday homes is provided by a separate water reservoir, which is supplied by its own spring/rain/well water. In each holiday home a drinking water system is installed so that our guests do not need to buy drinking water in plastic or glass bottles. In this way, plastic waste is reduced, and demand on our earth's resources is reduced, given that less is used in the industrial production and sale of water /water containers.

Once used, water can be re-used for the garden by biological clarification. Hot water is produced autonomously and environmentally friendly by solar collectors.

Waste water and faeces are disposed of via fully biological waste-water treatment plants. Thus, the waste water can be reused for the irrigation of the garden after purification. The solids are composted naturally and are then re-used as garden fertilizer for the garden. 

This reduces the burden on urban waste-water treatment plants, and it supports the environmentally natural way.

Of course, each holiday home has wired internet, but without Wi-Fi beams. Each holiday home has a laptop, which is connected to the Internet via a network cable. In this way, our holiday guests can surf the Internet without being exposed to Wi-Fi radiation. This serves to protect one's own health and contributes to a healthy living environment.

Anyone who has the Internet on their laptop or tablet PC can, of course, use it.

Each holiday home has its own mix garden, which is created on a permaculture basis. Here everything grows: fruits, vegetables, herbs, wildflowers, various trees and a lot more. Using an irrigation system, the garden controls the necessary watering. Here our guests can learn to care for and maintain their own permaculture garden.

Depending on the season, our guests can also harvest from their own garden, as well as prepare meals using their freshly harvested produce.

Our holiday cottages made of mud and bales of straw 

The cottages are mainly built of bales of straw, clay and natural stones, also are used other materials such as bottles, etc.. Such materials land otherwise in the garbage, or must be recycled with considerable effort. 

The combination of straw, clay and natural stones creates a healthy unique indoor climate that requires almost no energy for heating or for cooling. Visually, straw bale houses look like normal houses made of stone/concrete; the difference is that they were built from natural environmentally friendly materials.

During the construction of the straw bale houses, the straw bales are laid transversely (1.20 meters) and then plastered with a thick layer of clay. This creates a wall thickness of approx. 1.50 meters, which allows for natural air conditioning, practically without energy consumption. Due to the thick walls, the house is naturally perfectly insulated and so has a healthy 'feel good' indoor climate.

Thanks to the thick walls, the interior design of the window-sills are quite special! Here we decided to take advantage of them and use them as seating

and as divans with direct views on the surrounding Nature.

Straw bale houses are the most sustainable low-energy / energy-saving houses, and offer the best and healthiest indoor climate. Also, clay/straw bale houses are very weather-resistant and have been used for a long time. Mold and other building-damaging processes do not find a breeding ground in a clay/straw bale house.



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