The Eco-Village

The Eco-Village is made up of people that, through their sustainable way of living, contribute to the health of the entire ecosystem. With our unique concept, it is possible for people from all social backgrounds to have this lifestyle. The Eco-Village offers jobs such that everyone can generate his own income, doing what he can and wants to do. In this way, everyone in the village can contribute in a positive way to others and to the environment. Short distances mean that cars are not needed to get to work. Short working hours and time saving mean that people have more time to care for their own needs and private lives. In addition, jobs for the local population would be created.

More information on this point can be had in the section: 'Creation of sustainable, ecological jobs.'

Each resident is entitled to have 1 Hectare of land for an amount of €150 per month, which he is required to pay once yearly (€1800/year). This applies only to those that manage this land in an ecological and sustainable manner. They receive life-long residency and the rights to live and exploit the land, for themselves and for following generations (inheritance lease). The land, however, remains the property of Eco-Parks ETERNALLY in order to ensure that it is used only for ecological purposes. In this way, none of the heirs/successors can ever sell, rent, lease, or misuse the land. This is done in order to ensure the cohesion of the entire Eco-Village. The annual income from the leases will be invested in the repayment of the land, as well as for investments in the urbanization of the property, permits, construction equipment, traction engines, special garden appliances, forestation, the creation of the water-retention landscape, financing of further land to expand the property, and much more. The funds are needed to realize and maintain the entire eco-site.

On the property, each resident can build a house of up to 80 m². All buildings will be built primarily of stone, straw, clay, and other such natural materials.

Electricity on the individual plots is fully ecological using solar or wind (vertical small wind turbines) energy.

The disposal of waste water and sewage is done with fully biological purification plants. All liquids will be biologically cleaned and made aseptic such that they can be re-used for the watering of gardens. All solid material will be composted in a natural manner, such that it can be used as humus / fertilizer in the gardens. The added value of the biological purification plants is that it will take the pressure off of the city purification plants, provide water for gardens, as well as plant fertilizer free of charge. Thus natural, chemical-free fertilizers will be had from the materials that would otherwise end up in the canal systems, where it would require expensive treatment in order to be purified.

Warm water will be supplied using external warm-water storage units using solar energy as well as the self-produced electricity.

All gardens will be permaculture-based, and planted with older, resistant plants. Permaculture is a healthy mix of various plants and trees that, thanks to their different properties, can regulate themselves and grow without the usage of chemicals. More on this point can be found in the section on permaculture.

The goal of everyone living in the village is to create a healthy permaculture landscape in harmony with the flora and fauna on his hectare of land. Making the land naturally fertile means that it provides the village inhabitants with food. Indeed, everything that is grown is used for those living in the village, as well as for the needs of holiday-makers, and also for sale outside of the village. This also generates part of the monthly income of the landowners. Shops buy from them, as do people in the area and tourists.

Herbs and spices will be on sale for locals and on-line.



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